Tuesday, September 21, 2010


oh boy...sorry to be writing with my mouth full, but I am being slowly seduced by a tray of hot, freshly baked 'Toll House' cookies filled with chocolate.....

Yes! I'm finally here in the USA!

...or, more precisely, Atlanta, Georgia...and, I'm sitting here with good friend and critique partner, Alissa scoffing hot cookies and talking about book plots...heaven or what?

After a loooong flight from Sydney to LA, I sat in the LAX transit lounge waiting for a connecting flight, and enjoyed a freshly toasted bagel with cream cheese and a good hot cuppa...and, though I'd only been in the US for 4 hours at that point, I already have some good travel tips for you...

- always have more money on hand than what the price on the ticket says.....(will take me a while to get used to all the different taxes added on)

- Never wait for your change if it's less than 10c....(having 4 pennies dropped one by one into my hand was the longest moment of my life)

- Unless you're really, REALLY, hungry or thirsty, resist the urge to order anything larger than a small serve... (I ordered a regular cup of tea and got a 16oz cup.....for the grande size, I could invite friends and have a tea party)

I'll have some photos to add in soon....and will tell you all about the 'Mall of Georgia', which strangely enough, happens to be the largest mall in Georgia!

So, for now, be good everyone.....I have a tray of yummy treats to tend to...




Anonymous said...

Certainly don't super-size your serve then. Have a great time!!!!
Tam :)

Erin Grace said...

Hey Tam! Couldn't manage a super-size if I tried!

Jess Anastasi said...

Miss you already... and am jealous! Sounds like you're already having a wonderful time! Maybe next time you go over, I'll come with yoiu ;)