Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's a beautiful blue sky morning here in Georgia, and the trees are just beginning to show the first signs of Fall (Autumn).

With that, I'm amazed and delighted how everyone takes great pains to change their garden decor with the seasons. With Halloween fast approaching, pumpkins and ghostly figurines have started to appear on doorsteps, gorgeous bunches of yellow and orange flowers hang in baskets on front doors.

My boys will be thrilled when they see the horde of Halloween candy my friend Alissa has for them!

I went to the Mall of Georgia yesterday and shopped at Macy's (soooo happy to find my favourite skincare at less than half of what I pay for it at home!!)

Still getting used to sitting in the opposite passenger seat in the car and tend to cringe when I see trucks barreling toward us on the road! lol

I tried my first 'Southern' style food yesterday, with crabcakes at 'Mimi's Cafe'. Made with fresh crabmeat, the little fried cakes were the lightest, melt-in-the-mouth morsels I've ever tasted! The waitresses were incredibly friendly and had your glass topped up free, every time they passed by your table....I can foresee a diet when I get back home!, I'm off to a ladies brunch to meet some friends of my, more soon.

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