Sunday, September 26, 2010

New York, New York.....

WOW....that about sums it up.

New York is an amazing place, which could easily take you a month to see properly instead of a few short days, but we made the best of it.

Friday night we went on a City Lights tour, which took us around the city to view such buildings as the Empire State, Chrysler building, Rockafella Centre and much more. We didn't get to see the UN building as apparently the President and world leaders were in session there...and, I didn't even get an invitation!

We did go over to Brooklyn, however, and ate handmade icecream on the waterfront infront of the beautiful Manhattan night skyline.

Saturday morning saw us boarding a 'see it all in 5 hrs tour', which I can recommend. Starting from Times Square, we were taken through the luxury areas of Fifth Ave and Manhattan, viewing such places as Tiffanys, Saks and Macys and countless other fashion stores. New York is a real mix of old and new architecture, which gives it great appeal.

We stopped by a section of Central Park called 'Strawberry Fields' which was named in honour of John Lennon. We saw where he used to live opposite the park and the curbside where he was shot on that terrible day.

A cruise on the Hudson took us to view Manhattan by day, Ellis Island and the magestic Statue of Liberty. Later, as we drove along the bank of the Hudson, our guide pointed out where the aeroplane landed on the river, and the old pier where the survivors of the Titanic where brought in. a side note, we also were shown an old revolving doorway at the Macys store which has been closed to the public since the Titanice went down, as a tribute to the owner and his wife who perished on board the cruise liner.

Another incredible stop was the site of the World Trade Centre. As you stand looking out from the viewpoint, there is an air of solemn unity as perfect strangers turn to each other with knowing look, shake their heads and walk away. It's hard not to feel moved by the devastation that had occured there.

To see the area today, it is one of quiet optimism and progress as the foundations for the new World Trade centre, which will be a singular building, are laid.

Back in Times Square....the electronic billboards light up the streets day and night, as the busy streets bustle with hawkers trying to sell you tickets to everything from bus trips to comedy shows. Broadway is in full swing with dozens of plays and musicals on offer.

In the evening we ventured to the other side of town to track down some highly recommended Indian food, which was very good, I must say.

So, now we're about to head back to Georgia where next weekend we will be attending the RWA Moonlight & Magnolias writers conference. I hope to have some photos up to show you all soon!


Jo Duncan said...

I have been converted to being a blog lover!! Your trip sounds wonderful Chelle...and the descriptions are so clear, I feel like I have almost seen it too..which is about as close as I will probably get :-). I had to laugh at the change being dropped into your hand. Tipping is mandatory over there isn't it? Continue having a fab time and keep on bloggin' as I'm with you now girl!!
Jo xxxxxxx

Suzi Love said...

So glad you enjoyed New York,
Isn't the mix of architecture and weird building the most fascinating thing?
Hope the conference is as good,

Erin Grace said...

Hey Jo! Glad you're enjoying the blog so far...Yes, tipping is expected here, and most guides actually advise you on what amount is generally expected, so however much spening money you plan on taking to the US, add at least 20% extra to help cover tips.

Erin Grace said...

Hey Suzi,

The buildings are fascinating, especially the 'whispering wall' in Grand Central Station. Its a little cavern underground, just infront of the entrance to the famous Oyster Bar, where you get two people to stand in diagonally opposite corners and whisper to each can hear clearlt what they say from the other side! Its because of the shape and materials used in the walls and ceiling. Lots of fun!