Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food, glorious food....

'The diet starts tomorrow'....or, at least when I get back to Australia!

But, if I have put on any weight during my visit (crazy as that may, I can safely say it isn't due to 'Up-size Me' at the nearest Macca's.

American food isn't merely the fast-food binging you see in the media, though there are plenty of outlets around if you want them - but why bother? Beyond the hype, there is a vast array of quality restaurants and quick-eats venues that offer tasty variety and value. The list is almost endless.

As the end of my trip grows near, I can honestly say I am forlorn, knowing I'll never get to try them all...and, believe me, I've tried!

From 99c pizza slices on the corner of 42nd St, New York, to eating delicious handmade icecream on a Brooklyn pier while enjoying the Manhatten night skyline. Grits and pumpkin pancakes in a Southern-style diner, to hot baked pretzels and beer in a Georgian bar. BBQ ribs, Brunswick stew, crispy okra and an endless variety of margaritas!

..My cp's 'kick-ass' vegetarian chile has been a yummy home-cooked treat!

Infact, I'm sitting here in a gorgeous 'wild west' steak house, waiting for my lunch. What's on the menu, I hear you ask???

How about stuffed chipolte mushrooms, corn bread, steak, sweet potatoes topped with butter, cinnamon & brown sugar, 'biscuits' and gravy.....all washed down with a yummy pomegranate margerita (they even bring you the cocktail shaker so you can refill your glass!)

...and, did I mention 'deep fried cheesecake' for dessert??

But, just when I thought I'd tried everything down here, I'll be visiting New Orleans this weekend and have been promised a whole new world of food experience..

So, as my lunch arrives - delivered by a damn cute waiter - I shall discreetly pop the top button of my stretch jeans and dig in! margarita is gone...."Oh, waiter!"


Louise Reynolds said...

It all sounds amazing...I love American food and you're right, there's a whole lot more to it than what we see on TV. Can't wait to hear about the gumbo and blackened fish. Have fun!

Mon said...

I've only been as close to the US mainland as Hawaii, but my hubby's been to American quite a few times, and the meals are huge. I know it took me months to shed the weight I put on Hawaii (may also have something to do with free drink refills!).

Sounds like you had a fabulous adventure in the US. Give my love to A, and have a safe trip home. Maybe if you flap on the way back you can shed a few of the kilos?! ;-)