Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stone Cold Kiss

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This week we will be discussing 'Inspiration' and how it affects writers and their stories.

Here to chat about what Inspired her to write her latest release 'Stone Cold Kiss', is the very talented L.K. Below!

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Hi Everyone,

I’m lucky enough to have a release date alongside the fabulous Erin Grace, and in the same series, no less! My contribution to the Irish Stories Collection, Stone Cold Kiss can be found at Lyrical Press, Inc.

I get my inspiration many different ways. From songs, from snippets of conversation heard on the street, and many times from dreams. In this case, I was inspired by something completely different. When my critique partner told me about a call for submissions, my mind started to throw ideas at me. But only one of these ideas ever made it past the brainstorming stage.

That would be Stone Cold Kiss. The original idea came to me because of a tidbit I read about Ireland. I stumbled across the legend of the Blarney Stone, a stone high on Blarney Castle Tower which when kissed gives the kisser the ability of persuasion. So I thought to myself: Who would fly to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone? Plenty of people, obviously, since it’s a popular tourist destination, but one in particular came to mind.

My heroine, Kelsey, needed to kiss the stone in the hopes that doing so would cure her fear of public speaking. Why? She has a promotional pitch in two days, one that if she can give a compelling, rational speech, she’ll be up for Vice President of Sullivan Advertising. This is particularly important to Kelsey because it is the job she’s been working towards for years. All the extra hours at the office, letting her love life suffer so her career can flourish, will pay off if only she can deliver a rousing pitch.

But there’s one little crimp in her plans, and that comes when she meets Seamus McKinley and finds herself swept away on a journey of passion…and maybe even love.

Read an excerpt from Stone Cold Kiss or purchase it here.

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L. K. Below said...

Thanks for having me as a guest, Erin!

Margaret West said...

Having a lot of family in Northern Ireland I was interested in the book. Although the blarney stone is more southern Ireland end. The side I am not allowed to go to on pain of death from my family lol (the two sides are still fighting even after all these years)
Small things that inspire can turn into epics. I hope your new book is one of them.

L. K. Below said...

Thanks for saying so, Margaret, and for coming out to read this post :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay, hi Erin!

Oh, I wish I had my own Seamus to whisper sweet nothings into my ear with that accent. Do you think I could get my husband to start calling me

Congrats on your release.

L. K. Below said...

Thanks Gina! Personally, I'm tempted to drag my boyfriend halfway across the world. Apparently he picks up accents really quickly! LOL

Thanks for joining me :)